Prefabricated Houses

Prefabricated Houses
Prefabricated Houses

Prefabric houses are residential structures that are pre-manufactured in a factory and then assembled on the construction site. Iron steel is commonly used in the construction of prefab houses. Steel structural elements facilitate the quick assembly of prefab houses, provide durability to the structure, and support spacious interior spaces. Here are some examples of the use of iron steel in prefab houses:

Frames and Structural Systems: The frames and structural systems of prefab houses are often made from steel. Steel columns, beams, and roof frameworks provide structural integrity and simplify the assembly process.

Wall Systems: Steel can be used in the exterior and interior wall systems of prefab houses. Panels mounted on steel frames enable rapid assembly and ensure a smooth structure.

Roof Coverings: Steel roof coverings can be used for prefab house roofs. Steel coverings are lightweight and durable.

Flooring Systems: Steel reinforcements can be used in the flooring systems of prefab houses. These reinforcements enhance the load-bearing capacity of the floors.

Prefab Components: Pre-manufactured steel prefab components speed up the assembly process when transported to the construction site.

Durability and Lightweight: Iron steel imparts durability and lightweight properties to prefab houses. The earthquake resistance of structures can be improved.

Energy Efficiency: Steel can be integrated into insulation systems in prefab houses, contributing to energy efficiency.

Modular Design: Steel material supports modular design, enabling the production of prefab houses in various sizes and styles.

Iron steel is a preferred material in the construction of prefab houses to enhance rapid construction, durability, and structural strength. Thanks to these advantages, iron steel has a wide range of applications in the prefab housing industry.


Raw Material : Cold rolled coils
Quality : DC01 or DC04
Thickness : 0.8 mm – 2.00 mm
Square Pipes : 20x20 - 40x40
Rectangular Pipes : 25x25 - 50x20
Tubes : 22 mm – 51 mm
Length : 500 mm – 12000 mm