The fields of mechanical engineering and manufacturing industries extensively utilize iron steel materials. Iron steel provides properties such as durability, strength, load-bearing capacity, and machinability in machine construction. Here are some examples of the use of iron steel in the relationship between machinery and steel:

Machine Components: Iron steel is used in the production of machine parts. Elements like shafts, gears, propellers, pinions, etc., are made from iron steel to provide durability and functionality.

Machine Frames: The bodies of many industrial machines are manufactured using iron steel. These bodies not only protect the components inside the machine but also enhance its durability.

Pistons and Cylinders: Pistons and cylinders used in engines or hydraulic systems are often made from iron steel. The strength and durability of these parts are crucial.

Bearings and Shaft Housings: The bearing surfaces used in machine motion systems, such as bearings and shaft housings, can be made from iron steel.

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Components: Valves, cylinders, and other components used in pneumatic or hydraulic systems can be made from iron steel.

Frame of Production Machines: The frames and supporting elements of factory production line machines are generally made from iron steel.

Lifting and Handling Equipment: Iron steel is used in the construction of forklifts, cranes, and other lifting equipment. The load-bearing capacity and durability of these equipment are crucial.

Industrial Machine Accessories: Various accessories and connecting elements for production machines can also be manufactured using iron steel.

Iron steel is an important structural material used to ensure the safe and robust operation of machines. Due to its strength, durability, and machinability, it is a preferred material in a wide range of mechanical engineering applications.


Raw Material : Cold rolled coils,  Galvanized coils, Hot rolled coils
Quality : DC01 or DC04 / DX51 or DX54 /  DD11 or S355JR
Thickness : 1 mm – 3 mm
Square Pipes : 30x30 - 60x60
Rectangular Pipes : 40x20 - 80x40
Tubes : 38 mm – 76.1 mm
Length : 500 mm – 12000 mm