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Bycicle And Barrow
Bycicle And Barrow

In the bicycle industry, steel, especially in the production of frames and other structural components, is frequently used. Steel is a preferred material in the bicycle industry for its durability, rigidity, flexibility, and aesthetic appearance. Here are some examples of using steel in bicycle manufacturing:

Frame Production: Bicycle frames are often made from steel or steel alloys. These frames constitute the fundamental load-bearing elements of bicycles and influence the riding experience.

Tube Materials: Frame tubes are the building blocks of bicycle frames. Steel tubes possess characteristics that allow them to be bent, shaped, and processed in various ways.

Riding Comfort: Steel frames can enhance riding comfort through their ability to absorb road vibrations and provide stability on flat roads.

Aesthetics and Design: Steel is a popular choice for retro or vintage-style bicycle designs. It provides an aesthetic and classic look.

Durability: Steel frames can be long-lasting in terms of durability. They are especially preferred for long-distance and challenging conditions.

Ease of Repair: Steel frames are easier to work on in terms of repairs and maintenance. Welding and repair processes can be simpler.

Weight: Steel can be heavier than some other lightweight materials. However, with new steel alloys and design optimization, lighter steel frames can be produced.

Different Bicycle Types: Steel can be used in the production of various bicycle types, such as road bikes, touring bikes, and classic bikes.

In the bicycle industry, steel can be employed to meet different design requirements and rider preferences. While lightweight and different materials are used today, steel still maintains its presence as an important material choice for certain types of bicycles.


Raw Material : Cold rolled coils, Galvanized coils
Quality : DC01 or DC04 / DX51 or DX54
Thickness : 0.5 mm – 3 mm
Square Pipes : 10x10 - 40x40
Rectangular Pipes : 20x10 - 50x30
Tubes : 13 mm – 51 mm